Puma Personal watermelon and other special new varieties were showcased at the annual agricultural celebration

Hazera’s International Open Days at Moshav Nir Chen, Israel: 13 – 14 of July 2016

The annual agricultural celebration, a 13 year tradition, was held this year for the second time in Moshav Nir Chen in southern Israel, and showcased a range of Hazera crops developed for open fields, as well as a selection of greenhouse tomato varieties. Continue reading

The Latest Pepper Trends

Technological advancements have made it possible to develop new pepper varieties according to the needs and trends in different markets.  Interview with Serge Benarous of Hazera.

There are a lot of ways to learn about a country’s culture.  Apparently one of these ways is to look at their preferences in the peppers they consume.  We interviewed Serge Benarous, Pepper Global Product Manager at Hazera, who explained how the international seed industry is developing different pepper varieties for different markets. Continue reading

Shanty treatment

by Teklay Tessfay, Ethiopia



I am from Ethiopia, and I got your seeds in Shara. I have some questions about Shanty treatment, if you please.
1) What should be the rate of fertilizer application, especially in relation to growth stages? The area is severely deficient.
2) Some pointers about how & when to prune.
3) Some photos of Shanti tomato production, if available.
4) I am going to transplant Shanty Tomato seedlings. What is the appropriate spacing and how should I arrange the stakes for support?

Continue reading