Cucumbers in the South African Market

Hazera showcases two of the best

Long cucumber varieties in South Africa are required to be highly adaptable to weather changes, have strong disease resistance, and produce high-yielding crops of excellent quality.
Farmers from around the world prefer a product that consistently meets these demands and tend to look for varieties that exhibit uniformity throughout the growing season, as well as a long shelf-life once the crops have been harvested. Continue reading

The Latest Pepper Trends

Technological advancements have made it possible to develop new pepper varieties according to the needs and trends in different markets.  Interview with Serge Benarous of Hazera.

There are a lot of ways to learn about a country’s culture.  Apparently one of these ways is to look at their preferences in the peppers they consume.  We interviewed Serge Benarous, Pepper Global Product Manager at Hazera, who explained how the international seed industry is developing different pepper varieties for different markets. Continue reading

Developing for the future

In South Africa, skills shortage is just as severe as in the rest of the world. This is why a complete team of talented specialists is something to celebrate. The Product Development team at Hazera Seeds South Africa is such a team.

Johann Pretorius has been specializing in Onion production, travelling the country to visit trials of our Short and Intermediate day onion varieties. Johann also manages the Squash & Melon portfolios of the company. Continue reading

New Hazera website online

A State-of the art, multi-functional, multi-regions platform

Today Hazera, specialised in vegetable varieties and vegetable seeds, launches a brand new website. This state-of-the-art site provides vegetable growing professionals with all information on vegetable varieties they need.

The structure of the site, its design and its functionalities are well adapted to today’s needs and preferences. The site is based on the latest technology, guaranteeing fast navigation and improved search functions, which makes the site very user-friendly. Continue reading