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Sweetcorn Sh2 : Fresh market & processing. Strong performance corn in warm winter & dry summer conditions.


  • Well adapted Super-sweet variety for warm winter & dry summer production areas
  • Short plant and strong root systems makes this variety resistant to lodging
  • A high percentage of second ears makes for reliably high yields
  • Cylindrical cobs with big bright yellow kernels
  • Uniform 18-24cm cobs with a very high pack out rate
  • High Brix & excellent recovery rate- suited for processing
  • Large cobs with big bright yellow flavored kernels makes it well suited for fresh market
Relative Maturity:
75 - 120 Days


Avg Length & Diameter:
18 - 24cm 5.5 - 6cm

Bright Yellow

Sowing Rate:
50 000 - 65 000/ Ha